Like the sons of light, the children of clay have the same four basic virtues. Unlike aspects, however, these scores are on par and sometimes exceed those of angelic creatures. The only major difference is that they are not used to resist temptations. Even humans with evil dispositions have these virtues.

Though the children of clay are not endowed with a grace score, they do have faith. Their faith score (a number from zero to twenty) represents the conviction they have in their belief system. Higher faith scores will allow the character to better cope with supernatural occurrences. Additionally, higher faith makes humans more resistant to demonic possession. A high faith score does not automatically denote righteousness or goodness. In fact those who ascribe to the demonic arts (siding with Sammael over the Almighty) often possess very high faith scores.

Children of clay are mortal creatures. With time, their bodies begin to slow down, and eventually they die. They can also be killed by creatures, disease, and hardship. If an opponent ever wins a combat roll against a mortal being by the human's health score or better, death occurs.

Lest you think that the children of clay are powerless beings when confronted with celestials, think again. Sorcerers, using the traditions of Solomon, can attain immense powers. Through the use of rituals and amulets, they can harness the forces of angels for their own using. These amulets can protect them from divine, infernal and material threats. Through intensive rights they can bind angels and demons, forcing them to do their mischievous bidding. Prepared sorcerers can contend with the mightiest children of fire.

Unfortunately, a detailed discussion of sorcery is beyond the scope of this work. Later supplements will fully detail these occult practices.

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