The children of clay do not have access to the celestial forces that angels do. They do, however, have interests and specialties to make up for this deficiency. These give them areas of expertise where they can excel beyond their natural limits.

Interests represent casual pass-times. They do no necessarily represent single skills, but rather a group of skills involved in particular endeavors. For instance, a character with automobiles as an interest may actually have proficiency in driving, mechanics, and knowledge of vintage cars. Any time the storyteller asks for a roll that involves one of the character’s interests, a +1 modifier is rewarded for that roll. Most children of clay have from three to five interests

Specialties indicate a great level of expertise in an area. They usually (though not always) correspond to a character’s chosen profession. Any roll that falls within the realm of this specialty gets a +3 bonus. Most children of clay have only one or two specialties, and it is a rarity to find one with more than three.

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