Thank you for coming to the Children of Fire web site. We have done our best to provide you, dear reader, with a comprehensive and easily navigable body of information. We hope you enjoy the time spent here.

Children of Fire is a role-playing game that allows players to take on the persona of an angel. These characters will interact with other celestials in Heaven and with the children of clay (humans) on Earth. The game crosses many genres and can accommodate many playing styles.

The material contained in these pages is free for you to do with what you like. The author merely asks that you give credit to the hard work he has put in on this project. If you like the game, please encourage others to come check it out.

Children of Fire is an ever-developing game. For this reason, we would love your feedback. Tell us what you like and don’t like about the game. Let us know if you find any glaring mistakes, or any subtle mistakes for that matter. What needs to be added? What needs better clarification? Lastly, since there has been little chance to do intensive playtesting, let us know how your games are going. Only through this type of dialogue can we strive to make the game better.

Send all emails to kenpowam@aol.com

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