For organizational purposes the game has been divided into three sections: Introduction, World, and Rules. A brief description of each of these is given below.

1.  Introduction
That’s what you’re reading right now. This section gives a general overview of the methodology and philosophy behind the game. Children of Fire can be played without a thorough understanding of the introductory material. It is merely here to provide some insight into the hows and whys of the game.

2.  World
The world section gives you all the basics of the game’s setting. It will take the reader from the origin of the children of fire, through an examination of heavenly society, and finally to descriptions of some of the key celestial players. This section is fully capable of standing on its own. Players who would like to integrate the setting into their own or an existing system need not read the rules section.

3.  Rules
This section covers character creation, game mechanics, and storytelling issues. The optional nature of the system can not be over stressed. The inevitable object is to develop rewarding role-playing, and the rules are given to facilitate those who need extra guidance. For those who prefer a more free flowing style of storytelling, ignore those rules that seem to slow things down.

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