The author started the creation of Children of Fire with one precept in mind--let the research dictate the course of the game not the other way around. Too many times we start a project having already determined its outcome. We are not open to the wondrous possibilities that present themselves. This is not the case with Children of Fire. The tone of this game was entirely derived from what the research suggested

Many works were used to complete the body of information presented here. Among the primary books used were the following: Malcolm Godwin’s
Angels: An Endangered Species, Gustav Davidson’s A Dictionary of Angels, Florentino Garcia Martinez’s The Dead Sea Scrolls Translated, the books of Enoch, and some of the writings of Emanuel Swedenborg. Ironically, the bible serves as a rather poor source for angels. Only the angels Michael and Gabriel are mentioned in it. If one is to include the apocryphal work of Tobit, then Raphael can also be added to this list. In cases where biblical scripture depicted intervention by an angel, an alternate source was almost always consulted to get greater detail and to identify the specific celestial.

While the author tried to remain true to the sources, there were some instances in which changes had to be made for the sake of gameplay. For instance, most sources claim that all the Nephilin and Anakim (giants) were wiped out at the time of the flood. Though the texts seem to indicate these abominations no longer exist, the inclusion of them in modern history helps to expand the dimensions of the game.

Additionally, many texts contradict each other and, in fact, often contradict themselves. This is especially true as it relates to the duties and exploits of specific angels. These ambiguities had to be cleared in the context of the game. The author did his best to resolve these issues in the fairest manner and with an eye for the interest of gameplay.

Lastly, there are many aspects of celestial society that could not be ascertained through research. These facets of setting and mechanics were simply made up. For instance, no source alluded to specific groups of forces being used by particular orders of angels. This element was added to increase diversity and regulate celestial abilities.

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