Readers may notice a striking difference between the angels depicted in this game and what we normally think of. It must be understood that most of our ideas of these celestial creatures come from movies and television. The Hollywood angel is a near perfect being who roams the Earth doing good for people. They are not flawed creatures at war with themselves. In many cases they are depicted as saintly humans who have died and returned as winged emanations.

Unfortunately, the research does not bare this portrayal out. Angels are a separate breed from man. They were created long before the inception of the children of clay. The departed souls do not return as angels. Additionally, angels have never till this modern century been seen as flawless pictures of virtue and grace. Rather, they have been viewed with awe, fear, and a bit of distrust.

This game takes nothing from the concept of the Hollywood angel. Rather it borrows from the ideas and concepts that persisted for thousands of years. This is a fact, dear reader, you should have clear in your mind as you sort through the rest of this material.

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