Players may wish to create sorcerer's to play in a children of fire campaign.   While this is a relatively simple task, the players should check with the storytellers first.  Some storytellers would prefer to limit the scope of sorcery to the supporting cast only.   Keep in mind, though, sorcerer created as PCs start the game with very little power or knowledge.  It is up to them to role-play through the acquisition of mastery.

The only requirement for being a sorcerer is that the character must have ceremonial magic as either an interest or specialty (explained further in the character creation section of this work).  As with other specialties and interest, the sorcerer is afford the normal bonuses for these skills.  

The storyteller should makes certain that this aspect of a character is kept under control.  It should not define the entire concept a player has for her character, but should rather be a part that completes the whole.  Additionally, storytellers should make an effort to keep the powers of the initiate (as all PCs should start) under control.   The sorcerer should have no greater roll in the game than any other PC.

To accomplish this, the author offers this suggestion.   Characters who choose ceremonial magic as an interest should begin the game with only a couple of rituals under their belt.  These rituals, while certainly valid, should not be perfect.  The sorcerer who performs them will be doing some things that are right and some things that are wrong.  Only time and practice will allow him to improve the ceremony.    Players who choose ceremonial magic as their specialty should be allowed four or five rituals.  Of these only one should be of a truly pure (uncorrupted) nature.   The rest should be flawed to some extent.

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