Let us now turn to the mystic arts of Solomon—to the words written in the Sefer Raziel that gave man the power of angels.   For in the study of this we will gleam insight into the hearts of the Children of Clay, and will find a rich history as yet untapped by popular scholars.

In the end, it is mankind's aspiration to improve and grow, to rise up above the rest and prove themselves worthy.  Such is the nature of free will.  And many of the children of clay will do whatever it takes to fulfill these selfish ambitions.   This included tapping into the forces prevalent in the celestial world.   For this world (so different from the material one in which they live) is a source of great power, but the only way to tap into this power is through the binding of angels and demons.  For the sorcerer this is the overriding goal.

But pursuit of super-human power is not an easy path to tread.  Instead it comes at the price of much sacrifice and is fraught with many dangers. This section seeks to examine all aspects of sorcery—from it's roots and books of power to the often solitary lives its practitioners are forced to live.  We will examine the preparation and execution of the ceremonies that are at the heart of this art.   Additionally we will discuss what it takes to play a sorcerer in a Children of Fire campaign.

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