As should be expected, there is great enmity between celestials and sorcerers.   For the sorcerers seek to enslave these mighty creatures at every turn, binding them to their own selfish wills.  Both angel and demons alike are forced to performs task that are sometime meaningless, sometimes demeaning, and often counter to their very nature   Once bound, they are helpless to resist the invoker.  They must follow is orders exactly, but will find a way to thwart his plans if the instruction are even the merest bit vague.

Many angels have witnessed themselves committing unthinkable act while in this bound state.   They are aware of all that is going on around them, but can do nothing to resist the will of the sorcerer.  Luckily, though, this sense of helplessness pertains only to the task they were directly charged to do.   All other matters remain under their control during the binding duration.

For demons things are simple.  If the sorcerer lets his guard down for even a moment (leaving the summoning circle before completing all the elements that will protect him) the demon will lash out at him, killing the magical practitioner without a second though.   Angels, on the other hand, have a much deeper moral bind.   Even if given the chance, they will resist against killing the sorcerer.  For killing any child of clay is against laws of the Almighty and will incur a loss of grace.  Still, angels forced to commit horrible affronts to God while under a sorcerer's grasp are sometime unable to restrain themselves from lashing out at their enslavers.

Any acts an angel commits while bound to a sorcerer are not subject to the normal rules for losing grace.  Therefore, an angel ordered to kill a child of clay while in this state will not lose grace for this action. This has no bearing on demons, for whom grace is irrelevant.

Celestials are quite perplexed when it comes to the Almighty's stance on the wretched practice of Sorcery.  Though the sorcerers use these mystical rights to perpetrate heinous acts on their own kind, He affords them the same protection as any other child of clay.   In fact, the Almighty has ensured that the art of ceremonial magic has continued through the ages (and there were a number of times when it was on the verge of being snuffed out).   No angel in Heaven has yet come up with a reasonable answer for this.

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