5.5   SHINTO

Shinto is the traditional religion of Japan.  Its main text is the Nihon Shoki, which provides the creation stories for this belief system.  The god Izanagi and goddess Izanami are featured prominently in these stories.  It is said that these two gave birth to the Japanese Islands.

The religion centers around the worship of kami (spirits).   The kami are inherent in all things both physical (rivers, mountains, tress, creatures) and non-physical (ideas, beliefs, and ancestors).  Though all things in the universe have these kami, the nature spirits are seen to be most important. 

Shrines for local kami abound throughout Japan.  Here worshipers pray and often leave offerings of food.  In many cases, adherents must wash before entering the shrine, and a branch is used to sweep away all the impurities as enter the shrine.

The Japanese have an eclectic rather than exclusive view on religion, and it is for this reason that the incorporation of Shinto into Children of Fire is quite simple.   The existence of angels, demons, and all the other elements of the Children of Fire world are not contradictory to this belief system.  The storyteller need only introduce the idea of kami into the game.  These spirits are of varying strength and only of the celestial world.

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