5.4   ISLAM

Islam finds its roots in the year 622.  It stems from the prophecies of Mohammed, which were written down in the Qur'an, the Islamic Holy Scripture.    Islam grew out of Judaism and Christianity and so has much in common with these faiths.  Islam contends that while the Torah and Bible are true revelations from Allah (the Almighty), they are misinterpretations of His words.   Mohammed is seen as the final prophet, whose message is uncorrupted.

At the center of a Muslim's life are the five pillars of Islam.  They are:

Shahada--  This is the Muslim's proclamation of faith embodied in the statement, "There is no other God but God and Muhammad is His messenger."

Salat--  This is the prayer ritual that Muslims must be performed five times a day.

Zakat—Alms giving is a very important part of the Islamic faith.  It is the process of giving to others who are in need.  It represents more than the sharing of wealth, but also embodies the willingness to spend time and share skills with the less fortunate.

Sawm--  Fasting is another crucial part of Islam.  It is believed that fasting helps to purify the mind and body.  During the month of Ramadan, Muslims are required to fast from sunrise to sunset.

Hajj--  This is the pilgrimage to Mecca that Muslims must make at least once in their life, it at all able.

There should be no difficulty whatsoever with fitting Islam into a Children of Fire game.  Muslims believe in angels, a single divine force (Allah), and an afterlife.  Indeed it was Gabriel who communicated the Almighty's teachings to Mohammed.  Only minor differences in names and natures occur.  For instance, Gabriel is always portrayed as male in Islamic culture, and Sammael is known as Iblis.


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