The author has been accused on more than one occasion of having a Judeo/Christian bias in the game.   Indeed this is the case.   The cosmology of the game relies heavily on these principles.   This was done both as a result of the texts consulted and in effort to maintain consistency throughout the game.  This is not to say, however, that alternate concepts and belief systems cannot be incorporated into the game.   This section seeks to look at the major religions of the world and how they can be fit into a children of fire campaign.   Each of us comes from a slightly different perspective, and the ability to express these differences is crucial to the storytelling process

Justice cannot adequately be served by the meager representation we offer below.  Surely whole volumes can and have been written on each of these religions.  What is offered is merely a taste of the true depth of each of these beliefs.   The author recommends that if a storyteller wishes to incorporate one of these faiths heavily into her game, she either research the topic more thoroughly or have intimate personal experience with the faith.

There simply was not enough time or space to include every religion.  The author has done his best to include the major religions, but apologies are made for those who do not find information on the religion they are seeking to incorporate.     


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