This religion has its foundation in the Indus Valley around 1500 B.C.E..  It holy scriptures are a collection of works known as the Vedas.   At the heart of this belief system is the idea of Sumsara (the wheel of life).  Its adherents seek Moksha (liberation from Sumsara).  The clergy of this faith are known as Brahmins. 

There are three principle tenets of this faith:

1) Everything in existence is en expression of God.
2). Man's purpose is to come close to, realize, or merge with God
3). Worldly delights are temptations (hence they break the second tenet)

For the adherent of this religion there are four paths to moksha.   Bhakki is the path of devotion.  Here the adherent undergoes prayer and devotion to a personal diety (a representation of Brahman, the supreme spirit). The second path is that of Karma.  The adherent tries to attain moksha through good works and by using his/her talents for the betterment of mankind.  Inana is the third path and involves intensive study of the scripture.  This "path of knowledge" requires the assistance of a teacher.  The final path is Yoga.  This is a development of mind and body, overcoming the limitations of the earthly form.   Hindus rarely follow just one of these paths, but rather follow a combination of them.

Over the years, many outside observers have believed Hinduism to be a polytheistic faith, but this is not the case.   Hindus believe in one supreme being (the Absolute) named Brahman.   Unfortunately, Brahman is unknowable in His true state and so is divided into aspects that can be perceived.  There are 33 major aspects and of these three hold the most importance in Hinduism

Brahma - the Creator
Vishnu - the Preserver
Shiva - the Destroyer 

Fitting children of Fire into this belief system is not too difficult.  In the mind of a Hindu an angel could simply be seen as an aspect of Brahman.  The monotheistic nature of the religious fits in well with what has already been described in the game.  The three major aspects (Brahma, Vishnu, and Shiva) can be seen as being equal in power to the four angels in the choir of Seraphim.  In the end, the goal for salvation is the living of a good and pure life (the same criteria that has already been set out in the game).  

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