Though it has already been stated, it bears repeating.  Humans are not stagnant creatures.  They are ever changing and evolving, learning from their experiences and refining their views of the world.  

This process of discovery should always be fostered in the game.   The moment your character achieves a goal, there should be another on the horizon.  Always be on the lookout for how your character's outlook might be altered by the events that are occurring to him.

 Too many times in role-playing games we get frustrated when the storyteller throws something at our character that we didn't expect.  We rebel against these new challenges, proclaiming them unjust.  Sometimes it is the death of a loved one, or the incurring of some great hardship.  Sometime the storyteller decided to take away from us an element we felt was so central to our character's concept.  Indeed, cardboard personalities cannot endure these tests of character.  If you are flexible, and your willing to let your character develop, you will find these changes a wonderful opportunity to do some astonishing role-playing.

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