It really is not too difficult to run a group of all angels or all humans.   The difficulty comes in trying to run a mixed group of characters.  Below are a list of considerations the storyteller and players should be aware of before attempting this.

1.  The children of fire and the children of clay are not equal.   Players who take on the role of humans may begin to feel inferior to the other players.   They may feel like they can not accomplish as much and do not have the same abilities as the angels.  Storytellers should constantly be on the look for this pitfall and try to give the mortal character a chance to shine (give them something to do that can not be accomplished by the celestial members).

2.   Angels can contend with creature much more powerful than mortals can handle.  For this, it is difficult to balance the level of the group's opposition.  If the enemies are too powerful, the children of clay PC will feel overwhelmed and in constant danger of instant death.  On the other hand, if the level of opposition is to lax, children of fire PCs may feel bored.

3.  Pacing can often be an issue with mixed groups.  Since angels exist far longer than the children of clay, large leaps of time to accomplish plot points are nothing to them.  For humans, however, it is a big deal.  Stories that take place over too long a period of time may see the mortal PCs grow weak and old while their celestial counterparts remain as vibrant as ever. 

4.  There is always a danger that mixed group will too rapidly reveal the truths of the celestial world.  Part of the fun of playing humans is the mystery surrounding the universe.   Giving mortal characters all the answers too quickly will defeat one of the primary reasons for playing them in the first place.  Storytellers may considered hiding the identity of the celestials in the party and making it part of their goal to somewhat shelter the minds of their human companions.

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