Before a player decided to create a child of clay or a storyteller allows them in the game, careful consideration should be paid to gains and losses that can occur because of this decision.  In some cases this choice opens a number of different doors of exploration that were not available before, but on the other hand there are a number of limitation which are nor placed upon the scope and nature of the games that can be run.

Humans are mortal creatures, with relatively short life spans when considered against celestial creatures.  Depending on the period of time chosen for the game, the average life expectancy will range from as little as thirty-five years to as much as eighty.   Children of clay, who have existed on the Earth for a century or longer, are not common.   This limited life span can result in the diminished scope of the game.  No longer can the storyteller weave a tale that crosses centuries and still hope to have the same central characters through out.  There are ways around these obstacles, but the storyteller must be very creative to accomplish it.

A number of aspects of the game are difficult to explore with a group of material creatures.   The seven heavens and the issues of celestial politics are not likely to arise in these games (though with effort anything is possible). 

Mortals are frail creatures when compared to celestials.   As will be discussed in the following sections, humans can succumb to all forms of disabilities that angels and demons cannot.   Angels never get ill, never age, and are never crippled for the rest of their lives.  These are situation any child of clay PC can face.   Though these often provide great role-playing opportunities, the storyteller must be aware of these limitation when decide to include them in a story/

Players who choose to create children of clay, may in the end feel helpless in this world.   Most of the creatures described in the original work would have little difficulty dispatching a mere mortal.

With all this said, there are some great advantages in playing children of clay in the COF world.  In many respects the children of clay have a much fresher view of the universe.  Whereas angels come from a point of knowing the exact nature of the universe, the mysteries of the universe are not readily available to mortals.   This can foster a sense of discovery that can create a magical atmosphere in the game. 

Players who have difficulty grasping the concepts and themes in the game, or for those who are new to role-playing, may find their first campaigns easier if they play children of clay.   The children of clay are much more like characters in other role-playing games than angels are.   In playing them, the players need not worry about the mechanics or details of celestial forces, which can be a rather taxing subject.

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