2.7   GHOSTS

Sometimes a soul has lived a life neither good nor evil but somewhere in between.  When such a spirit is released from its mortal shell, it tends to stay on Earth.  It does not float to its natural place in either Eden of Tartarus.   Many psychopomps possess the force judgment, which allows them to prod the soul in the right direction, but some angels of this order do not possess this ability.  

After a few days of aimless wondering, not comprehending the nature of their situation, the soul begins to grow use to its new situation.   The process of acclimating depends on the strength of the soul, but generally takes between two days and a week.    While in transition, the soul cannot react to either the material or ethereal world around them.  If angels find such souls (and they are easily seen in the ethereal world) it is fairly easy to still force them to ascend to Heaven.  

Once the transformation is complete, the spirit becomes a ghost.   Now the ghost will (in most cases) resist any attempts by psychopomps to whisk it away from the material world.   Ghosts come in all forms and demeanors. Some seek to help, other want to cause mischief, and still others wish to inflict harm on those they feel are responsible for their death.  For the most part, they will possess the same personality as when they were alive.   

Ghosts have great difficulty interacting with the material world.   Any attempt to do so comes with a high price in exertion.   If a ghost stays in the material world for long enough, though, it begins to understand how to better influence the material world around it.   It is able to hurl objects about with tremendous force, appear to people as a spectral apparition, or even communicate through mortal mediums



When a soul becomes a ghost it loses all its mortal aspects (Perception, Health, Athleticism, etc.).   These are replaced with their celestial counterparts (power, vigor, understanding, etc) and begin with a score of 5.   As time progresses and the ghost gains proficiency in its new condition, these scores may increase.  The maximum score a ghost can have in any aspect is 15.   This makes the most powerful ghosts (and there are very few of them) greater in power than the average angel or archangel, but substantially weaker than the celestials of the first triad.

Anytime a ghost wants to perform an action in or that can be perceived by the material world, they must make a roll using their power score.   Generally the target number is of normal difficulty (20), but if the storyteller determines the action is more involving, the target can be raised.  

Ghosts can still be forced to leave the material world through use the celestial force Judgment (possessed only by psychopomps).   Such an attempt is made as a contested roll against the ghosts vigor score.   The angel can make only one such attempt per game session.

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