Well, here we are again dear reader.  The feedback we've gotten from Children of Fire has been far beyond our wildest expectations.   It was this input that encouraged the author to expand the world even farther.  As many of you have no doubt noticed, there is much in the original work that is either skimmed over or left out completely.   There simply was not enough time and space to include it all. 

With Children of Clay, the first in a long line of supplemental works, we try to remedy some of these ambiguities.  The focus here is to better explore the material world and it's mortal inhabitants.  We will traverse the course of human life, from birth to death and after.  Along the way we'll discuss issues of faith, belief, sorcery, and touch on some of the more important historical figures in our world.  Additionally, we will explore the possibility of creating human PCs to be played in the game and all the benefits and disadvantages of doing so.

With that said…  Enjoy!


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