The author started Children of Fire with the precept that he would let the research dictate the course of the game not his own preconceptions.   This same standard was applied when creating this supplement.  Where research was available on a specific subject, it was always used.   There were, however, some circumstance of ambiguity where the author was forced to use his own creativity to fill in the wholes the texts did not cover.   The only criteria in these situations was to be faithful to the original game.

Many sources were referenced in the creation of this work.   The following is a list of the sources that were most heavily relied on.    The material on sorcery is almost completely dependent on Arthur Edward Waite's The Book of Black Magic.   Concerning the discussions on world religions, Liz Flower's work, The Elements of World Religion and George W. Braswell Jr's Understanding World Religions proved invaluable.   Additionally, the book Compendium Maleficarum was significantly utilized as regards witchcraft and other dark pursuits.  This collection of writings by the monk Francesco Maria Guazzo provided hours of delight and astonishment.  It is a wonder that a work such as this could ever have been taken seriously by the true believers of the time, but it makes for a wonderful source nonetheless.  For information regarding the figures described in the Catalog of Mortal Souls, two works were heavily relied on.  These were, The Devil's Disciples by Leonard R. N. Ashley and Angels A to Z by James R. Lewis and Evelyn Dorothy Oliver

Additionally, the texts referenced in the original source book were also used to maintain continuity between the two works.

The author encourages those who seek more information on these subjects to consult the books above.  There is a plentiful reservoir of information and creative inspiration included in them that did not find its way into these pages.


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