Let us talk of the wretched beings who sell their souls to Sammael for the taste of supernatural powers.  These witches seek to have a glimpse of the celestial world and are willing to risk damnation to do it. 

One must wonder who would ever pick this lot in life.  For the which, upon making his/her pact with Sammael is ensured a place in Tartarus.  What’s more, they know they are damned and still make the choice anyway. 

Upon the slicing of the palm or wrist and recitation of the pact with Sammael, the witch is given a familiar.  This animal, usually of diabolic nature, is there link to the demonic. 

Though some of their powers come from within, many of the effects a witch can cause are done at the behest of a demon.  Unlike the sorcerer, however, demons need not heed the words of the witch.  They can choose to fulfill or ignore these requests.

Witches have the power to see into the future, to divine things to come.  They do this through various methods.  Whether it be through the reading of cards, tea leaves, or tracing the lines on ones palms, they often do not understand from where this knowledge comes.  It is not a skill to be learned, but rather a talent to be unleashed.

Witches tend to group together in bundles of thirteen known as covens.  While this may be done for the purpose of sharing ideas, the heart of the matter is that witches fear for their existence.  Even the most powerful witch, with all her curses and fortune telling, is helpless against a mob of angry people.  Together they can fend off the threats from the outside world. 

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