The foes of the righteous children of clay are not merely angels and demons.  The threats do not only come from the celestial world and its inhabitants.  Sometimes the forces that seek to destroy the good men and women of the world are very human indeed.

With the gift of free will, the children of clay were allowed to choose their own path in life.  While many have chosen the route of salvation (living a good and caring life), there are those who have traveled down darker paths.  

Some have forsaken the Almighty, denied His existence and rejected His love.  Others have sought to align themselves with Sammael, the accursed one.  Still others have sentences their souls to damnation in order to achieve mystical powers here on Earth.  And then there are those who simply wallow in their own depravity, catering to the selfishness and greed that lies within us all.  

This section seeks to explore these dark facets of mankind.

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