But man need not be corrupted by Sammael.  There are other dark paths he can follow.  While the accursed one may not be the guide down these evil roads, the destination is still the sameódamnation.

There is the path of science.  Though technological advances have the promise of making the world a better place, these advances can be used to fulfill all manner of nefarious ambitions.  Medical experiments and genetic tampering are the hallmarks of the scientist gone mad. 

There is the path of power and greed.  For some the allure of salvation in the afterlife is not enough.  For them they must make a mark on the world of the living, force their way upon the helpless.  They are dictators and ruthless corporate CEOs.  This is not to say that all children of clay who hold positions of leadership are following this path.  There are those who are called to lead because they feel the need to better mankind.  Those that follow this path, however, seek to mold the world to their liking, and often their tastes run to the depraved and cruel.

There is the path of fame.  There are those out there will do anything to be recognized, to stand out in a crowd.  They will sacrifice all the morals they use to hold true to accomplish even the briefest hint of stardom.  And if they must destroy people on their rise to the top then so be it. 

There is the path of addiction.  Drowned in booze or high as a kite, the followers of this path have lost control.  Their slide into oblivion grows ever steeper day by day.  What semblance of a life they once had (all their accomplishments and possession) are lost to the man made demon of addiction.  Near the end of this road they will do anything to get their fix, to satisfy the urge, to attain just one more high.  And the acts they perform at this stage will damn them to Tartarus for all eternity.

There is the path of zealotry.  These children of clay claim the Almighty is their guide, but this is not so.  They take the teachings of well meaning faiths and warp them to the extreme.  They manipulate and corrupt these beliefs to justify their own personal vendettas.  They wage war in the name of God, and slaughter those who oppose them and say they are doing good.  The angels of torment have a special place in Tartarus for them, and their suffering will go on ceaselessly until the end of time.

Once set down these dark paths, most children of clay never look back.  If they did, however, they would find there is still hope for them.  For once the journey to damnations begins, they can always turn around.  It is unfortunate, however, that few do.

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