During a lifetime, a child of clay becomes proficient at only a handful of things.  There is simply not enough time between birth and death to learn it all.  But the skills they possess through their occupation, as hobbies, or simply as God given talents, are the areas they have spent considerable time perfecting.   It is these niches that give humans a unique place in their society and the world in general.  And in some cases it is these special qualities that allow these husks of flesh to sometimes soar in greatness beyond the angels.

The acquiring of such talent is embodied in the idea of specialties and interest.  Specialties are those talents that are the main focus of a characters life.   They often, but not always, revolve around a person's profession.  Interests, on the other hand, are hobbies the character has taken up over the course of life.  Both Specialties and Interest are not defined as single skills.  Rather they are a host of skills bundled up into one common theme.   Most can be described in one or two words.    If the concept seems vague or if the storyteller needs some clarification, sample skills can be included in parentheses after the interest or specialty.

Specialties represent those aspects of existence a mortal creature truly excels at.  As a result, anytime a character makes a roll involving this area, he receives a +3 bonus.    Interests, while not representing the same level of proficiency, still offer characters and advantage.  Rolls made within these realms of interest are given a +1 bonus.

Beginning characters may choose one specialty and up to three interests.  The storyteller may increase or decrease these numbers depending upon the demands of his story.   

What follows are some sample specialties and interests

--Crossword Puzzles

--Medicine (surgery, pharmacology, diagnosis, medical instrumentation, some degree of medical history, and medical contacts)

--Ocean (marine life, oceanography, history of the sea, and some sailing)

--football (both playing and statistical knowledge)


--Religion (Christian ceremony, world religions, biblical studies, and a smattering of Latin)

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