To this point in children of fire it was only possible to create celestial PCs.   Mortal life was left to the realm of supporting cast members.   Now we introduce the possibility of creating humans as PCs to play in the setting.  There are both advantages and disadvantage to playing children of clay.  These issue will be addressed later in this work..

The process itself is much the same as it would be for creating a child of fire.   Players will be given points to distribute among various aspects and virtues.   While there is great diversity available with this system, one point is worth note.   On average beginning children of clay will be statistically weaker than their celestial counterparts.  

Most games begin character generation by assigning stats (or rolling them) before giving motivation and emotional qualities to the character.  This is not the case when developing a child of clay for game play.   The non-numeric elements are determined first, and only after goals, strengths, and weaknesses are determined, does the player begin to assign numbers.

Keep in mind that the heart of the character is in the details, not the statistics.   Two characters can have identical statistics and yet come from vastly different points of few.  These characters will react to situations differently, and will have distinct emotional strengths and weaknesses.    Never let numbers replace a good character concept 

With that said, let us begin the process…

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