7.2   GOAL

As human beings, we are never complete.  We always strive for that which will make us whole.  This should also be the case with characters we create for role-playing games.   They should not be static creations, complete in their evolution.   Rather we should start their story at the beginning of their development

To this end, all children of clay PCs must come up with a goal.  This is something they need to accomplish to become whole. It is something that gives a semblance of meaning and order to their lives.  It may be something very concrete that can be achieved with hard work and perseverance, or it may be an esoteric idea that can never be truly realized.  Player's should be able to sum up this goal in one sentence, and this statement should be written of their character sheet.

Have no fear players.  Your character is not locked into this goal until the end of time.   If the goal is realized another will pop up.  Additionally, it is possible for a character to change goals before the previous goal is realized.  Such changes need to be okayed with the storyteller, and must be represented in role-playing.   One thing is definite, though.  Each character must have a goal.   This portion of the character sheet cannot be left blank.

Below are some sample goals.  They are not meant to run the complete gamut of possibilities, but rather to spur on you own creative ideas.


--  She strived to do everything to the best of the her ability and never gives up on a project

--  He has a desire to really make a difference in at least one person's life.

--  He wants to open a woodworking shop as soon as he gets out of the navy

--  She wants to prove herself to the world.

--  He wants to be a millionaire by the time he's twenty eight

--  He desires to find the courage to quit his computer programming job and set out on an around the world adventure

--  She needs to find her real parents.

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