We've come to the end of the formalized steps for character creation, but there is still a long way to go.   What lies before you is merely an outline of what your character is.  What're missing are the details.    For each person, the process of fleshing out the character is a unique experience.  You must find and complete those steps that will give you a connection to the character—to make him or her exciting to play. 

For some people this entails writing a detailed history, while for other it might consist of drawing a player sketch.    The author suggestion asking questions of your character that are not already answered on the character sheet.   What was his/her childhood like?   Is he/she married?  Does he/she have any children?   What was the best day of his/her life (so far)?  What was the scariest thing that ever happened to him/her?

Alternately, character creation can be done as a group.   Other players can ask question about your character to help flesh them out.   Additionally, this technique can be used to engender connections between the characters that might help enhance game play.   It's always nice to have characters who are together for specific reason rather than thrown together by random chance (or badly implemented plot contrivances). 

There are no hard and fast rules here.  Find what works with you and stick with it.   Without this detailing process, the character will remain lifeless and the game will suffer as a result.

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