7.7   FAITH

We now come to perhaps the most difficult concepts in creating a child of clay, faith.    Faith represents an inner strength of ones beliefs and convictions.  Faith is not something handed down from God, but instead comes from within the human soul.   It is a number ranging from 0 20, and may fluctuate greatly during the course of role-playing.

It must be understood that faith does not denote the truth of one's beliefs.  Rather it is a measure of the character's conviction.   Buddhists monks, Catholic priests, and high priestesses of dark cults, may all have exceedingly high faith scores.

Faith concerns itself with three major questions.   1) How did it all begin (creation of the universe)?  2) What is the meaning of life? 3) What happens after we die?   The answers to these questions form the core of a characters belief system.   The more he or she believes those answers, the greater the faith score.

At the start of character generation each character has a faith score of 5.   The player must decide on a belief system to follow.  This can be an established religion (Christianity, Judaism, Buddhism, etc).   The faith score represents the character's conviction in this belief system and his devotion to its sacred rituals (since that is often how one demonstrates faith).

Players can choose to raise or lower this score. Extra faith points can be attained by reducing any aspect or virtue by one point, or by acquiring one less interest.   The opposite is true as well.  Character wishing to have a lower faith score may add these unwanted points to aspects, virtues, or to attain a new interest.   Obviously faith cannot drop below 0.  Likewise, no starting character can have a faith score greater than 12 unless the storyteller permits it. 

The effects of faith on game play will be discussed in the section, Issues of Faith

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