All children of clay, regardless of their uniqueness, can be described in terms of aspects.  These quantified attributes give us a base way to compare one human to another.   There are five aspects that describe a character.   Each player starts with a 4 in each of these, and then he has 20 point to divide among them however he sees fit.  There is only one limitation to keep in mind.  No child of clay can have an aspect exceeding 12.

Those players use to creating celestial characters will no doubt notice the aspect used to describe mortals are different from their divine counterparts.    Mortal aspects are firmly planted in the physical world, whereas celestial ones often deal with connections that being has to the universe.   Celestial aspects are broader in scope and so could not be used to describe children of clay.   Each has it's counterpart, though:  knowledge = intelligence,  understanding = perception,  power = athleticism,  vigor = health, and  glory = presence.  In situations where one aspect is mention (for rolling purposes) it's counterpart can usually be substituted.  


Intelligence does not simply denote the body of knowledge one possesses.  High intelligence does not simply mean the character does well on tests.  Rather it represents an amalgamation of cognitive abilities.   These include memory, deductive reasoning, inductive reasoning, logic, creativity, and, to some degree, education.   These elements combine to form a basis for how characters deal with different situations.


This aspect simply represents ones ability to pay attention both consciously and unconsciously to what's going on around them.  It represents both and ability to actively search for things as well as innate intuition that allows one to sense when something is wrong.


Here all physical ability is rolled into one.   It represents the combination of strength, agility, speed, endurance, and coordination.  Most physical exertion uses all of these factors to some degree.   If a character is relatively week in one areas but excelled in the others, the overall conditioning will usually carry the day.


Health represents a character's ability to resist those things that seek to destroy him.  It encompasses an ability to sustain overall damage, to withstand pain, and to resist disease.    Health is not always a physical thing, but can sometimes deal with mental attitudes as well.


This aspect represents a character's impact on others.    A high presence might denote a natural aura that surround the child of clay and attracts others to him.  Likewise, a high score could mean the character has excellent speaking skills and can woo a crowd with impassioned oration.  Lastly, it could simply represent a physical appearance people take notice of.   Keep in mind, though it does not inherently denote instilling a sense of confidence in those around you.    Both an supermodels, and 6'10" Neanderthal with a missing eye might have very high presence scores

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