By all accounts one of the most learned and remarkable men of his time, Emanuel Swedenborg was a scientist and philosopher who lived from 1688 1772.  For the first part of his life he was a rather unreligious man.  His secular accomplishment were staggering.  He was well learned, having been educated in London and Amsterdam.  For a time he was a pupil of Isaac Newton.   At 26 he returned to his native Sweden with a plethora of ideas and sketches for all manner of inventions.   Among these were plans for mining machinery, a submarine, and even an airplane, which was successfully flown for a few miles.

But when Swedenborg was fifty-six he had a life changing vision.  He communed with angels and was given visions of the true nature of the universe.   He was show Heaven, Hell, and introduced to many of the celestial inhabitants.   He devoted the remainder of his life writing about angels and their unseen world.  He did much to further mankind's understanding of the divine.

Unfortunately, as is the case with many visions, some of the interpretations Swedenborg drew from them were faulty.  He was convinced angels were merely children of clay who had died and, as he put it, "returned to the original source".  In spite of this misconceptions, he was one of the first people to truly believe angels were flawed creatures and not beings of perfect goodness.

It is a shame that his works remain unknown by all but the most learned angelologists.


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