Milton was a born in 1608.  He was a well-learned man who had a flare for writing.  Though his body of work is substantial, he is most remembered for his work Paradise Lost.   In it he addresses all manner of celestial topics and concentrates heavily on the fall of Sammael.

Milton perceived many things about angels that turned out to be truths of the universe.  Perhaps he was inspired by a ministering angel, or perhaps it was mere creativity that only accidentally stumbled upon the real order of things.   In this piece, Milton saw the Seven Angels of Divine Grace, who he claimed were closest to God.  He also wrote that angels were created before the existence of the world, an idea that diverged from the common religious thinking of the time.  He was also keenly aware that angels were, though very intelligent, not omniscient.   He also gave character to these angels, not making them mindless servants of God, but rather infusing them with a opinions and interpretations on the events that went on around them. 

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