These two Egyptians are often considered the two most powerful sorcerers to have ever existed.  Near the end of their days, they decided to test their skills in the magical arts.    With years of preparation and research, they adorned dozens of protective talismans and were able to transport themselves to the First Heaven.

Here they were greeted by a dozen angels anxious to expel them from the celestial world.   The angels were not powerful enough to even slow down these two mighty sorcerers.  Their minor celestial forces proved useless against the two Egyptians.

Next they traveled through the corridor of the Second Heaven, and entered the realm of the Third Heaven where they drew the attention of greater celestials.   Domination and Virtues confronted them.  They demanded that the two intruders leave or face the wrath of the Almighty.  Undaunted, the two children of clay continued on their journey not heading these warnings.   So the angels of the second triad called up all the forces they possessed and tried to eject them.   But even the forces of this triad did little to cause the two intruders pause.

When they reached the fourth heaven, Michael and Gabriel were waiting.   These two, among the strongest in all of Heaven, were determined to stop the sorcerers from reaching the Seventh Heaven and the throne of the Almighty.   The battle was not easy.  Both sides fought hard, but in the end it was the celestials that were forced to withdraw. 

Upon entering the fifth heaven, the seraph Metatron, highest of all angels, greeted them.   He did not approach them with hatred or aggression.  Rather, he welcomed them and engaged them in conversation.   No one is quite sure what Metatron's words were, and he has not revealed them to his brethren, but over the course of time he was able to get the two sorcerers to remove their talismans one at a time.   When they were left sufficiently vulnerable, he ejected them from heaven with but a wave of his hand.  

They fell to Earth, where their memories were wiped clean of the experience and of all knowledge for that matter.  Jannes is known to have died shortly after this adventure, but the outcome of Jambres is uncertain.  Undoubtedly he died, but history has no record of this event.

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