Born in the latter half of the sixteenth century,  Gaufridi was part of the diocese of Marsailles.   His position as a priest was a sham though, designed to hide the fact that he was a sorcerer.  Though he would later be referred to as "The Prince of The Sorcerers", he was an accomplished though not renowned practitioner.   It is believed he possessed one of the seven books of Honorius.  Most likely he passed this onto to one of his pupils before his death.

When discovered by the church, he was subjected to interrogation and torture.   Most of his ramblings were incoherent and nonsensical, but he did reveal some elements of ceremonial magic to his persecutors.    In 1611 he was executed.   Had he been allowed to live, no doubt sorcerers would have hunted him down for the secrets (how ever minor they were) he had revealed.

The Inquisitors made an attempt to locate Gaufridi's pupils, but none were ever captured.

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